Supporting Swire employees who contribute to local communities

The Swire Employee Community Support Programme was established to support employees who help strengthen local communities by contributing their time, expertise or money to local community organisations. We help our people to have a greater impact by providing an additional financial contribution from Swire. The programme recognises and encourages employee contributions to their communities in two ways.

Firstly, we support those who donate their skills, time and money to a local community organisation. Employees who demonstrate that they have volunteered for a charitable organisation for a sustained period of time can apply on behalf of the charity for a one-off donation from Swire.

Secondly, we encourage employee endeavour, employees who take on a personal fundraising challenge can apply to receive a contribution from Swire on top of their fundraising total.

If you are a Swire employee and would like more information on this programme or on how to apply, please consult your manager or supervisor or download the information booklet from your local intranet.

Fast fact

Melbourne, July 1855 Young Liverpool merchant John Samuel Swire establishes Swire Bros. in Melbourne, a modest import-export operation and the start of Swire in Australia.