2013 Sustainability GRI Report

2013 marks our third year of John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd sustainable development reporting which covers the majority owned Swire businesses in Australia.

This report includes Swire Cold Storage in Australia and Vietnam, Kalari, Alex Fraser, Swire Industrial Services, Clyde Agriculture and the corporate office in Sydney. HSE, a mining services and equipment rental business was acquired in late 2013. The relevant GRI data and sustainability reporting will be included in next year’s report and thus is not contained herein. Clyde Agriculture will be sold in the second quarter of 2014 and will be excluded from next year’s report.

Our sustainable development programme is based on five 'pillars' – health and safety, environment, people, community involvement and working with others. We report on a GRI G3.1 Level C standard. External audits are performed biannually on all safety systems and an internal audit is being conducted on all GRI data. Our enterprise risk management programme assists in identifying specific risks and action items. GRI targets are set by the subsidiary companies with the exception of safety, which is unilaterally targeted to achieve zero harm.