Across the global group, Swire businesses seek to exchange ideas, learn from each other, share solutions to common problems and inspire new thinking.

The Australian group of Swire businesses – Kalari, Swire Cold Storage, Alex Fraser and HSE Mining – met for one day in April with senior leaders from Swire Beverages Hong Kong and China and Coca Cola Amatil to share challenges and best practice in safety, productivity and procurement. Swire Beverages’ Barry Wong summed up the day’s intention of continuous improvement with his insightful comment: ‘Yesterday’s aspiration is today’s norm. Today’s aspiration is tomorrow’s norm’.

Safety is central to the way the Swire Group operates and Scholastica Tsoi gave an overview of Swire Beverages’ journey towards zero harm while Keith Butler shared learnings from HSE Mining’s safety journey, where TRIFR has been reduced from more than 10 to 3 in two years. David Haynes and Damian Bassett of Kalari showcased the development and implementation of fatigue management initiatives, drawing a lot of interest across the group. Kalari has trialled Guardian technology, a real time infrared monitoring of drivers and received excellent feedback from drivers. It is now being implemented at Kalari. This technology is a step change in reducing the risk of incidents or
accidents as a result of operator fatigue. The change program includes fatigue management training provided by Dr Trent Watson to Kalari, Alex Fraser and HSE Mining staff over the past year.

Swire Beverages and Coca Cola Amatil, both supply chain logistics specialists, explained how they have adopted automation and other lessons from the manufacturing industry to improve productivity. Having recently started up a contract won as a result of smart design to maximise productivity, safety and performance on a highly complex project, David Haynes and Darren Whyte showcased why Kalari is a leader in specialised bulk haulage in Australia.

Swire Cold Storage undertakes complex, time-critical deliveries each day for a customer. Stephanie Cutinelli described how detailed analysis of fleet movements was improving the company’s ability to meet customer needs, while a focus on load and route planning is improving efficiency and productivity.

Swire Beverages’ Barry Wong explained the advantages of having a world-wide procurement and supply management team. The challenges associated with the complex supply chain of the plastic bottle are many and every part needs to be understood to improve efficiency.

David Grant, Director Supply Chain Australia, Coca Cola Amatil also participated in the day, explaining: “This day was an opportunity to learn from each other but also to make connections across the whole supply chain”. This was a first within the Australian group but judging by the value generated from the exchange, it certainly won’t be the last.