At the 2016 Kalari Safety Summit, 11 groups from around the country presented their Safety Best Practices, ranging from training, to equipment, to systems.

Through a popular vote, the winner of this year’s best practice was the new ‘step light’ lighting design on the Twin-Steer Trucks presented by Jordy Grills from Ceduna.

Feedback from drivers on our new Twin-Steer trucks was that the bottom two steps were difficult to see, especially in darkness, posing a trip/slip hazard. The red LED courtesy light fitted from factory proved to be ineffective.

To tackle this, the Ceduna team installed a self-adhesive LED light strip as a trial. “When we tested this in the dark it was very effective and feedback from drivers was very positive,” said Workshop Manager Jordy Grills.

An alternative, more permanent solution was sourced which has greatly improved the visibility of all the steps and immediate area. It has also decreased the risk of someone missing or slipping on a step.