Kui Downs is unlike any other HSE Mining premise. Positioned among thousands of acres of grazing fields is a large workshop with some idle equipment, spares and parts.

You could be excused for thinking it was a slow, quiet cattle station, however the maintenance being completed by Technical Support Truck and Dozer Scott Pease and his team is anything but slow.

Six dozers have been rebuilt or overhauled here since April, which is double the initial plan of one machine per month. The necessity to have these machines back to their site faster than expected certainly put the pressure on.

The work being completed on the D10 and D11 dozers varies between machines but Leading Hand Scott Bridgeman advises that a full rebuild of the D10 takes three weeks. This includes a new transmission, engine and final drives before being returned to South Walker Creek. The majority of the work is completed in-house by HSE Mining staff. Any external contractors such as fitters, electricians and boiler markers are only brought in for a short time as required.

The Kui team has also been busy sourcing and providing parts to maintenance teams across the business. With efforts to reduce unnecessary spend, maintenance crews and purchasing are assisting each other in sourcing parts. Scott Bridgeman makes several trips to sites each week to drop off items or collect anything spare or required for jobs back at Kui.

This is a fantastic example of a cost saving initiative and great team work across HSE Mining sites.