The Kalari division of Swire MLI recently introduced their Driver Application, designed to allow truck drivers to monitor their own performance and simplify the sharing of information.

The Application is accessed by drivers via in-vehicle tablets, providing valuable insight into safety information. This new platform offers drivers on-demand access to recent speed and fatigue events, vehicle defect requests and their status, as well as an avenue to report a hazard, near miss or incident to their supervisor.

The Kalari Driver Application also provides users access to important documents such as Safety Alerts, recent business updates and announcements and allows them to keep track of how many Kilometres driven and tonnes delivered.

Built with safety in mind, the Application has restrictions in place meaning it is not accessible whilst a vehicle is being driven at speed and each driver has their own unique login for privacy and security reasons.

The first release of the application has provided drivers visibility on their performance ranking, simplified hazard reporting and saved time on follow up of repairs.

A second release is planned for later in the year and will extend self-serve options for drivers, reducing supervisor workload.