John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd announced a $1 million, six-year partnership with the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation (AIEF) in 2014.

The partnership supports the AIEF Scholarship Programme, a nationwide programme providing scholarships that enable Indigenous students to attend some of Australia’s best schools and universities.

Swire also engages with the AIEF Pathways Programme to provide pathways and support for AIEF Scholarship Students making the transition from school to further education and employment. During 2014 Swire worked with AIEF to identify training, work experience and employment opportunities and to inform Swire staff about volunteering opportunities.

Swire also hosted a day at the football for Melbourne-based students and mentors taking part in the AIEF Mentor Programme. In 2015, Swire staff will engage directly with AIEF programs including the AIEF Mentor Programme.

John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd Chairman and AIEF Ambassador Geoff Cundle said the partnership was part of the company’s wider commitment to sustainable development, which includes making a positive contribution to the communities in which Swire’s Australian businesses operate.

“AIEF is an important initiative to effect tangible generational change for Indigenous communities and Swire is pleased to be part of this change.”

AIEF Executive Director Andrew Penfold said Swire’s commitment to the partnership went right across the business.

“In the first year of our partnership we met with the senior leadership of many Swire companies. The common thread of these meetings was Swire’s commitment to creating long-term sustainable change and positive outcomes for Indigenous students. Swire also operates across a wide range of industries and locations and its potential to create career opportunities for AIEF Scholarship Students and Alumni is significant.”

AIEF is building a $140 million fund to empower 7,000 indigenous children to build a brighter future through quality education and careers. Students supported by the AIEF Scholarship Programme achieve a 92 per cent retention and Year 12 completion rate and 93 per cent of AIEF Alumni are productively engaged in further studies, employment or other pursuits.

Applying for an AIEF Scholarship

AIEF partners with leading schools and colleges that have established Indigenous education programs and close relationships with Indigenous families and communities, providing high-quality educational opportunities to students who are enthusiastic about learning and eager to unlock their potential.

Partner schools are responsible for their core competencies of student selection and enrolments, student and family relationships, education and pastoral care. AIEF supports these schools by providing funding for Indigenous scholarships.

To apply for an AIEF scholarship, families contact AIEF Partner Schools directly to enquire what scholarships are available and to express interest in enrolling as an AIEF scholarship student. All enrolment discussions take place between the school and the family.

If you are interested in applying, visit the AIEF website.

Fast Fact


August, 1996
After a long association, Swire dramatically increases its involvement in Papua New Guinea and gains the controlling stake in the Steamships Trading Company.

AIEF is an important initiative to effect tangible generational change for Indigenous communities and Swire is pleased to be part of this change

- Geoff Cundle, John Swire & Sons Pty Ltd Chairman and AIEF Ambassador