Making a positive change

Swire is committed to good stewardship of the environment and natural resources under its influence, and to ensuring that potentially adverse impacts of operations are identified and appropriately managed.

Swire recognises that its operations are resource intensive. We are committed to developing our operations to become ‘best in class’ in terms of environmental performance, and we are conscious of our ability to make positive changes through the companies in which we invest, and how they are operated.

Supporting the Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Swire is proud to support the Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC). This non-profit organisation acquires land, and works with other landholders, to establish sanctuaries for the conservation of threatened wildlife and ecosystems. AWC now owns 23 sanctuaries covering over 3 million ha (7.4 million acres) in places such as north Queensland, the Kimberley, western New South Wales, Northern Territory and the forests of south western Australia.

AWC aims to ensure that its sanctuaries act as ‘catalysts’ for broader landscape scale conservation efforts. Accordingly, AWC works closely with its neighbours to also promote conservation beyond the borders of each AWC sanctuary.

Swire commenced a five-year agreement with the AWC to support conservation research in one of Australia’s most bio-diverse regions. The partnership provides $400,000 to support a dedicated biologist to conduct targeted scientific research which informs the design of land management strategies and measures the ecological return on investment. The biologist will be based at the Brooklyn Conservation Area, managed by AWC in far north Queensland.

For more information on the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, please visit their website.

Fast Fact


September, 2014
Swire acquires 100% shareholding in mining services company HSE.