Health & Safety

At Swire, we are committed to the principle that business objectives should never compromise safety – no job is important enough that it can’t be done without risk of harm to our people or others. While the industries in which we operate are hazardous, they need not be dangerous. No injury should be viewed as unavoidable or acceptable.

Bringing safety to the community

Swire’s operating companies are proactive in working and communicating with communities, and organised road safety events on a regular basis in order to educate people on how to act safely around heavy traffic.

In the past, Kalari has organised highly successful road safety events at schools in and around Ceduna, South Australia. Alex Fraser collaborated with Kalari in organising a similar event at a local school in Melbourne, Victoria, in. At these events, initial road safety presentations were given by staff, after which the students were given the opportunity to ask questions, view the trucks from up close and test their skills in Kalari’s advanced mobile driver simulator.

More recenty, Kalari participated in organising the inaugural Roadwise Big Rig Expo in Port Hedland, Western Australia. This event is dedicated to sharing the road safety message and raising much-needed funds for the local St Johns volunteers, with most of the funds going towards training and training equipment, benefitting the entire community. In April 2015, it was announced Kalari’s was a joint recipient of the Award for Excellence in Supporting Communities at the SA Premier’s Community Excellence Awards (Mining and Energy) in Adelaide.

Fast Fact


Swire celebrates its 200th anniversary.

We aim to provide a totally safe working environment and create zero harm to our employees and visitors.